WITO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Tips to help you properly prepare for your Illinois Whitetail Deer Hunt.

Q: What do I need to do to book a hunt with Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters?

A: You should first contact us for available dates and accommodations. It is the responsibility of the hunter to secure an Illinois Hunting License, Habitat Stamp, and Tags before hunting in Illinois. There is an online application to be filled out for the State of Illinois at http://dnr.state.il.us/. Hunters who book with Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters will be given preference in Illinois Lottery system which makes the chances of drawing a tag extremely high. A deposit of 50% of the final cost of the hunt is due at the time of booking to secure a date.  Any out-of-state hunter that makes a deposit and does not draw a tag will be immediately refunded 100% of their deposit ( this is the only exception, all other deposits are non-refundable). Illinois residents that make deposits and book dates agree that this deposit is non-refundable. The final 50% of payment is due no later than Sep 1. If the final payment is not received the client will forfeit the initial deposit and date of the previously booked hunt. We will work hard to accommodate a date that suits each client to the best of our ability.

Q: What type of lodging and accommodations do Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters offer?

A: Lodging is included in the price of all our hunts. We have Lodges that will accommodate any group large or small, Husband and wife or father and son or daughter. We are also handicapped accessible. Please visit our lodging page for details and pictures. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

A new page with pictures of the lodge accomodations will be posted soon.

Q: What kind of Tree Stands do we use?

A: You certainly do NOT need to bring any stands! We have over 300 stands in the woods of all types. We have anything from ladder stands ranging from 14-18 ft, Platform stands with climbing sticks ranging from 18-30 ft, and ground blinds. Make sure to let us know what you are comfortable with well in advance of your hunt so we can make sure you are sitting in the type of stand you are most comfortable with.

Q: Where and which county will I be hunting?

A: We scout on a regular basis and we will hunt whichever location that has the optimum chance of producing on any given day.

There are many variables involved such as weather, patterns, and recent hunting pressure that will all be accounted for. We simply want to put you in the best spot possible to ensure a chance at harvesting a mature animal.

Q: Are there any trophy fees for larger bucks harvested?

A: Absolutely not! We have no hidden fees or surprises at the cost of your success. However, we do enforce a $750.00 fine for any buck less than 130 inches that is harvested. This is not an effort to make money, rather a tool used in our goal of quality deer management. We also encourage our clients to help our QDM goals by harvesting a doe.

Q: What is the best time to come hunt with Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters?

A: WITO is set up for all season hunting success. We hang over 300 tree stands for all types of hunting situations including early season, rut, and late season. Our extensive food plot program allows us to effectively harvest deer at all points in the season. There are advantages to hunting with Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters during the rut, often occurring the final week of Oct. through the end of Nov. In many cases, however this is not the only time hunters will be successful. Many prefer to hunt in Early Oct. while the deer are still in regular feeding patterns and have not yet experienced hunting pressure this season. We have also have had success at late as January! We simply put our time in and scout to ensure our hunters will be in deer and have the opportunity they came for.

Q: Are Taxidermy Services provided?

A: Taxidermy is not included in our hunt packages. Some hunters prefer to leave their trophy with our local taxidermists for travel purposes and the amount of experience our local taxidermists have mounting larger deer. We will be happy to put you in touch with a reputable taxidermist.

Q: Is there any guarantee that hunters will harvest a buck over 130 inches?

A: Due to circumstances that are beyond our control there can be no guarantee that every hunter will be successful as we operate a 100% fair chase and wild operation. All we can guarantee is a full day hunt and a good experience with a knowledgeable group of hunters and sportsmen.

Q: Can I book a group hunt with Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters?

A: Yes, due to our obligation to keep our hunting pressure at a minimum these group hunts may require some advanced booking. We will work with any group and situation.

Q: Where can i get the Equipment that you use at your Outfitter?

A: https://www.guidefitter.com/


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